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Administrative Law

Administrative law is an area of law that deals with the functioning of governmental bodies and their interaction with the public. It can be a complex and specialized field of law, so it is important to have lawyers specialized in this area.

From filing appeals to representation in administrative proceedings, these lawyers provide their clients with the necessary information and advocacy to navigate the often confusing world of administrative law.
Our lawyers understand the complexities of governmental, local, state and federal regulations in order to provide effective services.
They must have a deep knowledge of aspects such as the rules, processes, procedures and jurisprudence of the bodies to advise on matters related to administrative law.
In addition to providing guidance, they can also handle litigation related to administrative disputes or represent a client in an administrative hearing.

In short, our lawyers specialized in administrative law have a fundamental role in helping people to understand the laws that govern the governmental bodies.

Whether you are looking for legal advice on how to challenge an agency decision or simply need help navigating the bureaucratic maze involved in accessing certain benefits or services, having our experienced lawyers at your side can make all the difference.

Sanctioning procedure.


Advice, processing and follow-up of administrative procedures before any public administration, institution or public body.


Administrative resources.


Claims of patrimonial responsibility before the public administration.


Public procurement.


Public service.

Our law firm specializes in administrative law and offers a wide range of legal services.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in various areas, such as labor and employment law, taxation, public procurement, environmental regulations and policies, health regulations, governmental issues and much more.
We have a unique understanding of the various government agencies that regulate our clients’ industries, and we work courageously to develop creative solutions to their problems.
We are committed to providing sound legal advice and effective representation to help achieve the desired results.

We strive to provide the highest caliber of advice and representation to help you navigate the complex maze of administrative laws that govern your business.

Our team is dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and achieving favorable results for all parties involved.

Our professionals specialized in administrative law have an extensive work experience in the legal advice of public administrations and public institutions, which allows us to offer legal services with an excellent level of knowledge on the different matters in this area.

Administrative Law
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