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Commercial Law / Bankruptcy Law

Commercial law and insolvency law are two of the most important legal areas for companies. Understanding these laws is crucial for any company that wants to stay ahead in a competitive market. Commercial law deals with everything that affects a company’s ability to conduct business, including contracts, taxation, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. On the other hand, bankruptcy law focuses on protecting creditors’ debtors and helping them to recover financially.

In this article we will examine in more detail the commercial law and bankruptcy law, analyzing how they interact with each other and their implications for companies.

Our firm has been contracted by major accounts for the preventive defense of their business. Our motto (“advocacia de proximitat”), aims to avoid, as far as possible, pathological situations in society, which sometimes become irreversible – or of high economic or human cost.

It is true that business and commercial life is becoming more and more global and international, that is why we have tried to be a reference in international commercial actions, especially in emerging capital markets such as Asia or India, without forgetting the European Community, that is why our firm has legal and tax advisors with training in international law.
Our firm is also specialized in dealing with current or imminent insolvencies (prevention of the future lack of room for maneuver of the company), as well as in the development of creditors’ insolvencies (individuals and legal entities), and especially in safeguarding personal assets (second chance law).

Commercial contracting

(suppliers, customers, etc.)

Intellectual and industrial property. Patents and trademarks.


Second chance for physical persons.

(administrators, guarantors, etc.)

Creditors competition.


Attendance at ordinary and extraordinary general meetings.


Liquidation of companies.


Tasks of secretary of the board of directors.


Transformation/merger/scission of companies.


Incorporation of companies and commencement of business.

Our firm brings the experience of having intervened as Bankruptcy Administrators appointed by the commercial courts throughout Spain in numerous proceedings, which brings added value to our advice, during the initiation and development of the bankruptcy process.

We strive to offer practical and effective solutions, taking into account the cost-benefit analysis of our clients. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field and use their knowledge to develop strategies that help minimize risks for our clients.
We are also part of international business networks to offer our clients a global service, providing them with advice on best practices and trends in international markets. In this way, we can offer personalized advice to each client according to your particular needs.
In order to be competitive in the international market, we have also developed strategies to get ahead of the competition by taking advantage of new technologies, such as automation processes or digital services. We strive to offer our clients the best solutions and opportunities available to guarantee their success.
Commercial Law

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