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About us

This law firm, with its head office in the so-called Quadrat d’Or (Golden Block) in Barcelona, has been working in the Legal and Economic Advisory sector for over 25 years. We offer services to both private and corporate clients, government agencies, institutions, organisations and groups from various fields and sectors and from all corners of the country who wish to rely on our strong results.

We are satisfied only when our clients are satisfied, and it’s no coincidence that we have maintained our name and brand intact all these years, a benchmark in the fields of law, economic consulting and judicial matters.

We boast a team of experienced, approachable and efficient professionals committed to the excellence of a job well done.

As a multidisciplinary law firm, comprising a variety of professional backgrounds and nationalities, we have the ability of effectively working together as a team.

We embrace the challenge of finding the best solution to every issue, which requires offering comprehensive legal, economic and corporate advice. This custom service is the only way to successfully meet our customers’ needs and better understand their objectives.

In our current international context, everything has a different significance and we are prepared for this challenge. MITJANS ADVOCATS maintains links with law firms around the world whose proven reputation and solvency enable us to support our clients in their business abroad with the same safety and security as we would provide ourselves. In fact, a distinguishing feature of our law firm is our leveraging of new technologies to stay in constant contact with our worldwide partners.

There are other consulting options available, but few as efficient as our organisation.

Experience it for yourself. You will be impressed. Our customers’ loyalty is the best testimonial of our level of professional quality.

The most complete and widen legal defense

Every case is unique

Every enquiry is a challenge

Every client will obtain a personal protection and legal advice plan

Every minute is yours; professionalism

You are going to have the same lawyer from the beginning to the end

Every problem has a solution

Justice is your right